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Whether in victory or in defeat, your keen eyes, sharp and strategic passing, steady, focused play and brilliant understand of the game are a wonder to behold. 

Happy Birthday Hugo!

Richard Feynman has long been one 

of my heroes because he combines 

such a relentless and brilliant 

intelligence with such a great sense of humor. That’s why I sent the Feynman 


He,also, shares somethings in common with another one of my favorite 


               August Mobius 

Augie, as we liked to call him at 

Mobius Company, was similar to 

Richard in the diversity of his 

pursuits and understandings and 

most remarkable in that, like Richard,

he was able to capture public attention and receive acclaim, awards and recognition for his ability to not only express his concepts logically and mathematically but creating visual

diagrams and symbols that would allow him to be appreciated and grasped 

by the masses.

In 1972, my first company Vision Works 

had run its coarse and I needed to 

start a new company. I wanted it to have unlimited possibilities. I was 

aware of the infinite surface of the 

Mobius strip and decided to adopt the name. There wasn’t much information

so I sent a german friend in search 

of Augie. She traveled around Germany gathering information. Some of it is contained in the envelope in the front of the book that I sent you, MOBIUS AND

HIS BAND. The book appeared much later.

The site (also, contains more information on Augie, the Company Mobius and the open, experimental 

approach employed by Richard, Augie,   companies and so many individuals and groups collectively, to benefit life on the planet earth.

Click:          Here are a few examples

I was great seeing you play live on TV.

Thank you Hugo!

Thanks for all the hard work you do and the bright and wonderful human that you are.

Kind regards,